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Roundup time! Here are a few quick pics – some of which have been lingering on my memory card far longer than others – that are worth sharing.

As a well-chronicled fan of the muffaletta, I was happy to give the sandwich another spin.

Sandwich rounds were the vessel for this version, stuffed with the traditional olive spread, mortadella, salami and provolone. The mini-muffalettas received a quick turn on the grill pan before I packed them up for a picnic, where they were well received at room temperature.

I’m almost literally in constant search of what I call the “sophisticated” casserole: a dish fancy enough for entertaining that still comes together easily in a one-pot meal.

This Greek Shrimp Casserole from the Washington Post fits the bill. I prepared a pan for a pregnant friend and froze it for some easy eats after baby arrives.

Truth be told, I can’t remember exactly which recipe I used to produce these fudgy brownies. But given the inherent beauty of this favorite dessert, I thought the picture was too pretty to pass up!

I love a trifle for so many reasons. It comes together in a snap; it’s hard to mess up; store-bought ingredients are not only acceptable, but encouraged; it is, by its very nature, a forgiving dessert; it can be adapted easily to whatever ingredients you have on hand – angel cake and blackberries, pound cake and strawberries, sponge cake and blueberries; it’s best received when made in advance; and, inevitably, the results are tasty. And did I mention that, layered sky-high in a lovely trifle dish, this dessert is quite the looker? What’s not to love?

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